Martins Commissions

Welcome to Martins Commissions,

I have been collecting Warhammer/40k models for 31 years, I have made and painted many models to game with and have built and painted many models for other people as commissions including other gaming formats.

The picture shown is a War Mumik of Harad painted by me to gaming standard


To paint to Gaming Standard

The Gaming Standard is exactly as it sounds, with weathering, ideal for your armies and regular gaming.

The fee of the Gaming standard level is the same as how much the model would cost to buy from the manufacturer at full R.R.P.

For example: a War Mumak of Harad  by Games Workshop would cost you the recommended RRP (60.00) + (60.00) to paint.

Building of Models

If you want me to assemble the models for you, the cost would be a further 30% of the RRP, in the case of the Mumik this would be (18.00).

This cost covers materials and time needed to build your models.

Purchasing of Models

If I purchase models on your behalf , the funds for purchasing models must be paid in full and before the commission starts.

You will be invoiced for purchase of models via Paypal which will include the additional Paypal fees to cover the transaction

Time Frame of Commissions

Time frame of commissions will depend on type and size. you will be notified when your commission begins and when it is completed.

Commission dates may change due to unforeseen circumstances, but you will be informed if any arise or if there are any delays.

Payment of Commissions

You will be asked for 25% of the commission fee up front to cover the costs of paints and materials and will then receive a commission start date.

When the commission is complete you will be notified and once you are happy with your items the other 75% of the cost will need paying in full before postage. 

I only accept payment through my Paypal account, you will be invoiced for the deposit and final payment using this method.

Deposits are non-refundable if you wish to cancel a commission, but all models supplied will be returned unless work has already begun on the commission.

(See Terms & Conditions)

Postage of Your Models

You will be asked to pay the cost of postage (I only use tracked and insured) so models arrive safely.

All models are boxed within a box and foam or bubble wrap is used to absorb postage impacts.

I am based in the UK, the cost to all other postage areas outside the UK will be higher.

For all inquiries please fill out form below