L'Aigle Napoleonic Rules Book


L’Aigle Napoleonic Rules Book

The Napoleonic Wars represent a momentous era that revolutionised and shook the military traditions and political order of the European monarchies at the turn of the 19th Century. To capture its elan, scale and complexity in a set of wargames rules that remains historically accurate and yet playable is no simple task, but is certainly possible as these rules prove.

The L’Aigle Napoleonic Rules combines familiar patterns of movement, fire and combat, and a presence of luck, with simple and logical gaming systems that benefit not the fortunate, but the strategic thinker

1792 – 1815

Wargaming in the age of Napoleon and the French Revolution.

Version 4 – December 2007

Rules developed by J. Delannoie

Editied by P. Townshend

Book is in like new condition

Book is a paperback

Book has all of its pages

ISBN: 978-0-9585046-1-4

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