Warhammer Dark Shadows Supplement

Warhammer Dark Shadows Supplement


Warhammer Dark Shadows Supplement

Across the Old World and beyond, growing portents of disaster have been witnessed.

In Nuln a Priest of Sigmar flung himself from the top of the temple screaming that the Dark One had returned.

In Ulthuan, the Loremasters of the High Elves have noticed a shift in the winds of magic, dark energy is flowing stronger than it has done for centuries.

A Questing Knight of Bretonnia proclaimed that he met a grotesque stranger who claimed to be an emissary of a growing power.

Deep beneath the Worlds Edge Mountains the Dwarfs are reading their oldest records, scouring them for clues as to why their runes of warding and protection are beginning to fail.

In their tunnels, the Skaven are more frantic than ever, burrowing with insane ferocity, driven by the approach of Chaos.

And out in the sea of Chaos, sailors report that the fogs and mists that shroud the mysterious isle of Albion have lifted and imposing white cliffs can be seen rearing from the waves.

The fate of the world hangs in the balance…

A supplement for Warhammer, the game of fantasy battles.

Booklet is used and in very good condition.

Booklet has all of its pages.

ISBN: 1-84154-198-2

Photos are of actual item and not a stock photo.

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