Bane of Malekith (1st Edition)

Bane of Malekith (1st Edition)


Bane of Malekith

By William King.

A Tyrion & Teclis Novel.

Together these twins are the greatest High Elf Heroes to walk the Earth.

As the dark elves of Naggaroth and their daemonic allies sweep across Ulthuan, it falls to Tyrion and Teclis to protect their homeland. In the forests of Avelorn, Tyrion and the Everqueen are on the run, desperately trying to evade their druchii pursuers. Teclis rushes to his brother’s aid, and both twins prepare to embrace their destiny as the forces of the high elves face their foes on Finuval Plain.

Book has been stored in stockroom, has some ageing so is listed as used.

Book is a hardback.

Book has all of its pages.

Book is a first edition.

Year of publication: 2013.

ISBN-13: 978-1-84970-510-3.

Photos are of actual item and not a stock photo.

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