Space Wolf (1st Edition)

Space Wolf (1st Edition)


Space Wolf

A Wolfclaw novel by William King

Ragnar leapt up from his hiding place, bolt pistol spitting death. The Nightgangers could not help but notice where he was, and with a mighty roar of frenzied rage they raced towards him. Ragnar answered their war cry with a wolfish howl of his own, and was reassured to hear it echoed back from the throats of the surrounding Blood Claws.
He pulled the trigger again and again as the frenzied mass of mutants approached, sending bolter shell after bolter shell rocketing into his targets. Ragnar laughed aloud, feeling the full battle rage come upon him.
The beast roared within his soul, demanding to be unleashed.

Book is used and is in reasonable condition

Book is a Paperback.

Book has all of its pages.

Book is a first edition.

Book has creases on spine.

Year of publication: 1999


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