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Icewall Trilogy – Volume One

The Icewall.

Cold, forbidding, remote, it stands like a dim white cloud on the very edge of sight.
There Kerrick, an elf from the golden woods of Silvanesti, has been sent, an exile in disgrace.
There too, a band of barbarian villagers make their stand against the remnants of an ogre empire that is determined to once again rule the frozen wastes. In the first book of this thrilling trilogy, Douglas Niles takes his readers to a land that most in Krynn have heard of only in legend – the legend of the Icewall.

Author: Douglas Niles

Book is used and in good condition.

Book has all of its pages.

Book is a paperback.

ISBN: 0-7869-2026-2

Photos are of actual item and not a stock photo.

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