Thomas The Tank Engine Joblot

Thomas The Tank Engine Joblot


Thomas The Tank Engine Joblot


2 x Cream and Red Express Coaches (Plastic)

2 x Sodor Mail Coaches – 1 with buffer missing and broken coupler (Plastic)

1 x Annie (Plastic)

1 x Clarabel (Plastic)

2 x Black and Green Coaches (Plastic)

1 x Lady (Plastic)

1 x Fat Controller figure (Metal)

1 x Culdee (Metal)

1 x Henrietta (Metal)

1 x 16 locomotive (Metal)

1 x Lor 3 lorry (Metal)

1 x Red and Brown lorry (Metal)

1 x Sir Topham Hat Blue Car (Metal)

 1 x Caroline Car (Metal)

1 x George the Steamroller (Metal)

1 x Taxi (Metal)

1 x Splatter (Metal)

2 x Stepney (Metal)

1 x Wilbert (Metal)

1 x Godred (Metal)

1 x Sir Handel (Metal)

1 x Rusty (Metal)

1 x Dodge (Metal)

5 x Troublesome Trucks (Plastic)

1 x S.C.Ruffey Truck (Plastic)

1 x Thumper (Plastic)

1 x Toad with Broken Coupler (Metal)

1 x Lord Harry (Metal)

1 x Sodor Ironworks Diesel Shunter (Metal)

1 x Chinese Dragon (Plastic)

1 x Henry (Metal)

1 x Saved from Scrap Flat Wagon (Plastic)

1 x Grey Flat Wagon (Plastic)

1 x Grey Short Flat Wagon (Plastic)

1 x Bulstrode Barge (Plastic)

1 x Green Diesel loco (Metal)

1 x Light Blue Diesel loco (Metal)

1 x Crane (Plastic)

2 x D.Fusiy Gunpowder wagons (Plastic)

1 x Tidmouth Milk Wagon (Plastic)

2 x Sodor Fuel Wagons (Plastic)

2 x Tar Wagons (Plastic)

Die Cast Models have been used and are in reasonable condition

Photos are of actual item and not a stock photo



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