Thorgrim (1st Edition)

Thorgrim (1st Edition)



By David Guymer.

In the ruins of the dwarf hold of Karak Eight Peaks, ancient enemies battle for supremacy. Belegar, king of the dwarfs who call that venerable realm home, is assailed on all sides – the skaven Headtaker, the goblin Skarsnik and the orc Gorfang Rotgut all threaten to take his hard-won glory. As Gorfang prepares to sweep the dwarfs aside in a final apocalyptic assault, Belegar must swallow his pride and call for help from the one dwarf who can break Rotgut’s horde: High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer.

Book has been stored in stockroom, has some ageing so is listed as used.

Book is a hardback.

Book has all of its pages.

Book is a first edition.

Year of publication: 2014.

ISBN: 978-1-84970-584-4.

Photos are of actual item and not a stock photo.

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