Warhammer The End Times – Nagash Rulebook

Warhammer The End Times - Nagash Rulebook


Warhammer The End Times – Nagash Rulebook

The world is ending, though few believe it.

The Dark Gods, no longer content to toy with the mortal world, have set schemes in motion to claim it once and for all. As Morrslieb, the Chaos Moon, hangs low in the heavens, the barbarian hordes of the Everchosen march on the Empire. Ancient Ulthuan drowns in fire and madness. Forests tremble to the hooves of stampeding bray-herds. Ratmen cease their gnawing upon the bowels of the earth, and rise in a swam vast enough to consume the world. Everywhere the walls of civilisation shudder, and begin to break apart.

Death rises.

Kingdoms fall.

Chaos reigns.

These are the End Times.

Inside you will find:

The first earthshaking chapter of the End Times story.

Background and rules for Nagash, his Mortarchs and the dread Morghasts.

A new spell lore – The Lore of Undeath – that allows any army to summon powerful undead allies into the battle.

An army list to arrange your collection of Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings Citadel miniatures into the combined Undead Legions.

Detailed scenarios that allow you to recreate pivotal battles from the story.

Rulebook is new and in very good condition.

Rulebook has not been used.

Rulebook has all of its pages.

ISBN: 978-178253-181-4

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